Perth Non Slip Floor Treatment

Allfloors Floor Safe – Slippery tiles made safe, even when wet!

Thousands of people are injured in Australia every year by slipping on wet floors at home, at work and in public. But countless are now being saved injury because of Allfloors Floorsafe. Floorsafe works on all types of tiles, including ceramic, quarry, mosaic, granite, porcelain, terrazzo and even polished or uncoated cement.

Allfloors Floorsafe is ideal for homes of frail or aged people. It is also ideal tor use in Showrooms, Shopping Centres, Foyers, Pathways, Shops, Restaurants, Cafes, Hospitals, Nursing Homes and around Swimming Pools – where ever there is risk of injury from wet tiles INSIDE and OUTSIDE.

The 10 most often stated reasons home owners, business owners and government bodies choose Floorsafe®:

1. Allfloors Floorsafe is virtually invisible so it does not change the look of the tiles.

2. Allfloors Floorsafe IS NOT a sealer or coaling. It actually works by making a chemical change to the tile surface.

3. Allfloors Floorsafe is suitable indoors and outdoors.

4. Allfloors Floorsafe can be applied in less than an hour with No mess, No smell, No noise, and can be walked on immediately.

5. Allfloors Floorsafe can be cleaned using normal cleaning methods or we can supply a cleaning solution that will help prolong the life of the finish.

6. Allfloors Floorsafe is guaranteed for 2 years and can last as long as 10 years.

7. Allfloors  Floorsafe is a proven anti-slip product that won the Best Product Award at the Melbourne Heatth & Aged Care Exhibition in 2001.

8. Allfloors Floorsafe reduces slip even on wet tiles 260% above the Australian Standards requirements. (Australian Standards tests are available on request.)

9. Allfloors Floorsafe satisfies union and Occupational Health & Safety requirements and fuHills legal Duty of Care” responsibilities which must be provided by all landlords, employers and managers.

10. Insurance companies recognise Floorsafe® as a positive implementation when considering your insurance risks and therefore premium.

To make your home, business or organisation 260% safer even on wet tiles contact our friendly staff today for more details and an over the phone quote on 1300 85 95 90